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RootsMagic lover import av TMG-data
For noen uker siden kunngjorde produsenten av slektsdataprogrammet The Master Genealogist (TMG) at de ikke lenger kommer til å videreutvikle programmet. Hva skal da TMG-brukerne gjøre? En mulighet er å ta i brk slektsdataprogrammet RootsMagic. Nå lover produsenten av RootsMagic at en direkte importmulighet fra TMG snart skal bli tilgjengelig.

RootsMagic skriver dette på sine nettsider:

On July 29th, Wholly Genes Software announced that they would be discontinuing "The Master Genealogist" (TMG). Since then quite a number of TMG users have contacted us directly and on our message boards asking what their options were for converting their data to RootsMagic.

While their data could be transferred via GEDCOM, there are quite a few things that TMG doesn't currently export to GEDCOM, so those data types would be lost. Among those: witnesses, roles, source templates, etc.

We have made the decision to add a direct TMG import to the next RootsMagic update which will preserve that information as best as possible. Of course no import can be 100% clean just because of different data models, template languages, etc., but we are making every effort to minimize the amount of "clean up" needed when moving from TMG to RootsMagic.

If you are a TMG user, or know a TMG user who is contemplating moving to another genealogy software, feel free to let them know that we expect to have this direct import available in the next couple of weeks.